Jan Decleir and the cast of ‘The Claus Family’: 5 things you should know


Jan Decleir and the cast of ‘The Claus Family’: 5 things to know

Jan Decleir and Stefaan Degand, among others, lead the cast.

As the Christmas holidays approach, filmmakers are hard at work creating family films for the season’s special.

Matthias Temmermans directs this Dutch Christmas special, which was written by Ruben Vandenborre and Elke de Gezelle.

The story of young Jules Claus, a holiday party pooper, is told in ‘The Claus Family.’

When Jules discovers a family secret that has been passed down for generations, it’s up to him to save Christmas this year, especially since his grandfather is ill.

Is he going to continue the family tradition?

News on the Brink

Jonas Smulders and others from the Dutch Netflix film “Forever Rich” are among the full cast list.

Richie finally gets back at his muggers in the ‘Forever Rich’ ending.

Here’s a rundown of who stars in the Dutch film.

Noel Claus is played by Jan Decleir.

Belgian actor Jan Decleir has appeared on stage and in films.

Decleir made his big screen debut in the 1971 film ‘Mira,’ and went on to star in several Dutch films, including the Academy Award-winning films ‘Karakter’ and ‘Antonia,’ as well as the Oscar-nominated drama ‘Daens.’

From 1993 to 2019, he was known as Belgium’s national Sinterklaas performer.

For many years, Decleir was also the director of the Studio Herman Teirnlick.

He brought in a lot of new teachers and actors from different theater companies during his time here.

Holger is played by Stefaan Degand.

By profession, Stefaan Degand is a Flemish actor.

The majority of Degand’s work is in the theater, and he is best known for his portrayal of Dieter De Leus in the fictional series ‘De Ronde.’

Degand graduated from the Herman Teirlinck Institute’s Drama Department in 2003, after which he worked with Theater Antigone and Het Toneelhuis on a number of theater productions.

In 2007, Degand was cast in the series ‘King of the World.’

Degand has been a guest jury member on the game show “The smartest man in the world,” which airs on VIER, since 2013.

Casting information

Mo Bakker as Jules Claus, Bracha van Doesburgh as Suzanne, Eva van der Gucht as Gunna, Sien Eggers as Jet, Josje Huisman as Ikka, Renee Soutendijk as Oma, Pommelien Thijs as Ella, Laurenz Sabbe as Dokter Twee, Wim Willaert as Stef, Kristof Coenen as piloot, Tom De Beckker as Inbreker, Mieke

On November 1, Netflix will release “The Claus Family.”


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