Jamie Carragher threw a penny at fans on the day Liverpool vs Arsenal erupted into pandemonium.


Jamie Carragher threw a penny at fans on the day Liverpool vs Arsenal erupted into pandemonium.

Liverpool and Arsenal met in a furious FA Cup match at Highbury nearly 20 years ago, and it was a day to remember for Reds veteran Jamie Carragher.

When Arsenal hosted Liverpool for an FA Cup fourth round contest at Highbury in January 2002, it was drizzly and raucous.

The game is etched in the minds of both sets of supporters to this day, but for Jamie Carragher, it is a day he would rather forget.

The Gunners had been reeling from their FA Cup final defeat to the Merseyside team only nine months prior to this match, and it showed.

Arsene Wenger’s side appeared to be raring to go, and Dennis Bergkamp gave them the lead early in the first half.

However, in the second half, in the midst of a gloomy north London afternoon, the match deteriorated into anarchy, with vigorous challenges as frequent as the heavy rainfall on the slick surface.

It was one of those games where every tackle made the managers and spectators grimace, expecting an angry reaction or challenge that may lead to a brawl.

Martin Keown had already been sent off for a professional foul after bringing down Michael Owen when he was free through on goal, adding to the tense atmosphere in north London.

Inside Highbury, Arsenal’s previous home, there were biting fouls, rough spurts of play, and a noisy sold-out crowd ready to join the struggle.

But it wasn’t until the second half that it really took off.

That’s when goalkeeper Bergkamp made a late challenge on Carragher, and after a few seconds of consultation with his assistant, referee Mike Riley issued a straight red card to the Dutchman.

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The decision enraged the Arsenal striker, and because Highbury is so much smaller than other stadiums, the fans’ response was palpable. The commotion and uproar had grown.

It just took one individual to let their frustrations out, and it came from the crowd, unsurprisingly. A home section supporter retaliated by tossing a coin towards Carragher, ostensibly for his role in Bergkamp’s dismissal.

Carragher, like Patrice Evra and Eric Cantona, has ruined his career by retaliating in a moment of lunacy. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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