James Yorkston on John Martyn


JAMES Yorkston has returned with a new album, The Wide, Wide River. Speaking to The Magazine, he talks of the album’s Swedish origins, the upcoming 20th anniversary of being signed to Domino Records and the difficulties he faced when he went on tour with John Martyn back at the beginning of his career.

“Basically, it was a sink-or-swim situation,” Yorkston said of the John Martyn experience. “I was given the tour and I was told I could travel with them. And then I couldn’t travel with them, so I had to find my way around from place to place. I was told I could stay with them in their hotel, and then I couldn’t stay with them.

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“So, it was a tricky experience. But, you know, by the time we got to Ireland – we did three weeks in the UK and then a week in Ireland – I was a completely different musician. I’d done 21 gigs or something with them and 21 gigs really polishes what you’re doing.”


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