James Nesbitt of Stay Close discusses his ‘unforgettable’ Eddie Izzard filming experience.


James Nesbitt of Stay Close discusses Eddie Izzard’s “unforgettable” filming experience.

Eddie Izzard made a surprise appearance in STAY CLOSE, and series lead James Nesbitt recently opened up about working with him.

Stay Close is the most recent adaptation of one of Harlan Coben’s novels, and it was recently released on Netflix.

The detective drama is engrossing to watch, bringing together a star-studded cast to tell a bleak story about a string of crimes spanning decades.

Nesbitt was ecstatic to work with Izzard in the series.

Stay Close is a Netflix original series from the United Kingdom that features many familiar faces.

The eight-part miniseries follows the lives of a diverse group of people who appear to be linked to a string of murders that occurred 17 years ago.

Michael Broome (James Nesbitt), a detective obsessed with the case for nearly two decades, is one of them.

However, 17 years after the case was thought to be closed, a new body is discovered in the town, one that Broome believes is linked to the past events.

Broome meets many local residents during his investigation, all of whom could be involved in the disappearances.

Harry Sutton (Eddie Izzard), a legal aid lawyer who specializes in taking on vulnerable cases, is one of them.

Nesbitt enjoyed working with Izzard in the series and especially enjoyed their scenes together.

“I’d known Eddie for a while but we’d never gotten the chance to work together,” Nesbitt told Netflix.

“We had a great chemistry.”

With her, I had a lot of fun.

She was a lot of fun to be around, but she was also very professional and meticulous.

“I just think this show’s casting is really smart.

Working with Eddie was an experience I’ll never forget.

She had a great sense of humor.”

Harry is a complex character in the series, though he takes a back seat to the other stars.

He’s a high-functioning heroin addict who suffers alone.

“The very sad thing is that, with high functioning heroin addicts, very often the only tell that you see is that they are dead from an overdose… you just can’t tell,” Izzard said to Netflix about his role.

“They are people who have had very successful careers, are in good jobs, and are well-dressed..”

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