James May of The Grand Tour suffers a major setback ahead of a new spin-off series.


James May of The Grand Tour suffers a major setback ahead of a new spin-off series.

James May of THE GRAND TOUR has been dealt a serious setback after the second season of his spin-off series was forced to make a significant modification.

Presenter James May is known for traveling the world for his Amazon motoring series, The Grand Tour. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, he chose a different path and traveled to Japan to film his own show, Our Man in Japan. The car expert was set to return for a second season, this time to America. However, James told followers that he had to change his plans.

Taking a break from cars, the first season of James’ travel experiences with Our Man in Japan was released in 2019.

Viewers were enthralled as they saw him explore the country and express his passion for its culture.

His adventure took him by land, air, and sea, and he met some of Japan’s most fascinating people, including one of the country’s last remaining samurai sword makers.

With the show’s success, Amazon commissioned a second season, Our Man in the USA, which has now been canceled.

“We just revealed that the second season of my Amazon series, Our Man in, I was going to be coming to the United States and it was going to be wonderful,” the presenter wrote on Twitter.

“However, now that we’ve made that announcement, we’ve realized that we won’t be able to go,” he said, “for a variety of complicated and fairly uninteresting reasons such as Covid and Visas.”

James would have been “immersing himself entirely in the real American way of life to discover its authentic flavor,” according to the series description.

He was planning a cross-country trip that would take him to New York, Detroit, Nashville, New Orleans, Houston, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

A modest deviation from the original plan. #PrimeVideo pic.twitter.com/y2TaQcdKNk Spiacente Despite the fact that Our Man in the USA was not going to air as scheduled, James did give fans some good news.

“It doesn’t really matter,” he said, “because we’ll get to the United States someday, and in the meantime, we’ve got several other countries ready to go.”

He looked at a bottle of oil and a packet of spaghetti and remarked, “We’re heading somewhere else instead, and I’m wondering if you can guess where we’re going.” “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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