James Martin warns fans against substituting ingredients, saying, “Would be the s**t place to be.”


James Martin warns fans against substituting ingredients, saying, “Would be s**t place to be.”

JAMES MARTIN has issued a warning to his fans about substituting a key ingredient in his new cookbook, simply titled Butter.

James Martin is one of the most well-known chefs in the UK, and you can see him cooking on ITV regularly, either on his Saturday Morning show or on This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

The TV chef warns his fans not to substitute an alternative ingredient in his recipes in his latest cookbook, Butter.

James shared his passion for the ingredient at the heart of his recipes in the book.

“Throughout this book, there are quotes from some of the world’s greatest chefs about their love of butter, as well as recipes from India, Thailand, and France, where you’d be laughed at if you suggested croissants and brioche could be made without butter,” he said.

“I’ll show you simple techniques like how to make the perfect nut-brown butter to go with your fish and how to master hollandaise sauce (which appears difficult but isn’t).”

“However, for me, baking is where the true art of using butter shines through, from lamination in puff pastry to more technical French p√Ętisserie, which I’d love for you to try.”

“I sincerely hope you enjoy your journey through this book as much as I have enjoyed putting it together,” he said.

“And I hope that by telling you about the suppliers I mentioned, it will encourage them to keep doing such wonderful work.”

“However, one thing I will not advise you to do is substitute margarine for butter in any of the recipes!”

“Margarine has never been and will never be food.”

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“Butter is the king of ingredients,” he continued, “and the world without it would be a s**t place to be.”

James recently revealed his dislike for margarine in an interview with The Sunday Post.

“Margarine should be made illegal.

He described the situation as “dreadful, dreadful.”

“It’s two elements away from plastic, and it’s a dreadful substance.”

“I grew up on a farm.”

He explained, “We’ve always had full-fat milk, butter, and cream.”

“That’s exactly what we had.”

In our house, there was no such thing as semi-skimmed milk.”

Any criticism of the use was met with a retort by the chef.

“News from the Brinkwire.”

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