James Martin discusses a possible replacement for his Saturday Morning show, “Growing in Confidence!”


James Martin discusses a possible replacement for his Saturday Morning show, “Growing in Confidence!”

JAMES MARTIN requested that the crew of James Martin’s Saturday Morning “not not look” at him while he spoke to a guest chef who could one day take his place on the show during the current episode of his ITV show.

For the newest episode of James Martin’s Saturday Morning, James, 49, was on hand to treat viewers to another gourmet feast, and he was joined by a number of guests on the show. The chef was joined by colleague and cuisine maestro John Hooker, as well as Loose Women panellist Brenda Edwards, 52. However, when he bit into the dish cooked by the guest, the ITV cooking star was enthralled by what he was eating and taunted John that he may be his replacement one day because their skill levels were nearly equal.

He turned to the crew and begged, “Just leave me, just leave me in the corner,” because the dish was just up his alley.

“It’s comfort food at its finest,” John responded, prompting the host of the show to say, “Just tell the team to leave me to dissolve myself for approximately 15 minutes.”

“It’s vital to get that pork chop thick,” John said, referring to the dish he prepared for the This Morning guest chef.

As he bit into the steak, James’ eyes rolled back, praising the butter his colleague had used to drown it in.

“People say chargrilling veggies on your barbeque is one thing, but cabbage and lettuce is phenomenal,” the host said, serving with a side of scorched cabbage.

“You like it warm and don’t blanch it; trust that it’s a lovely piece of cabbage,” John added.

“It just assesses the flavor,” he said, to which James responded, “You’ve been on the show twice now, haven’t you?”

“And what’s nice about this is that the confidence is growing,” he said, before asking if the guest could ever take his place.

“He will be taking over the show in roughly six months. It’ll just be Saturday Morning with John Hooker.”

Just leave me alone.

Martin, James

The guest replied, “I’m thrilled to be with you here, James,” as he and James laughed off the replacement comment.

In the past, James has been replaced on shows, with Matt Tebbutt, 47, taking over as host of BBC’s Saturday Kitchen.

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