Jada Pinkett Smith has landed a significant role in a Netflix film.


Jada Pinkett Smith has landed a significant role in a Netflix film.

Jada Pinkett Smith has a new movie role lined up, and she’s also getting into the streaming game.

Smith has joined Redd Zone, a new Netflix drama written by Matthew A Cherry and Kristin Layne Tucker, according to Deadline.

“Redd Zone follows Tia Magee (Smith), a single mother who steps forward to help her sons and their high school football teammates, ‘The Bros,’ heal after the murder of their best friend, Dominic Redd,” according to the official description.

The Bros begin to move into her home one by one, and by the end of the night, she has 17 people living with her.

All of The Bros eventually attend college, with four of them going on to play in the NFL.”

“I’m really excited about this one [three heart emojis],” Smith wrote on Instagram about the new project. Cherry, in addition to being a writer and the creator of the Academy Award-winning Animated Short Hair Love, is a former NFL player, so this is a particularly meaningful project for him.

Jada Pinkett Smith (@jadapinkettsmith) shared this.

Smith was last seen reprising her role as Niobe in The Matrix Resurrections.

Smith expressed her delight at returning to the role after all these years in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I love The Matrix, and I love the story, and I love what it offers to the world,” Smith said, “but you have to show up for people to be a part of the journey.”

“I wanted to appear in that manner for Lana.”

As she embarks on this new project with Netflix, she can only hope to have a similar experience to Sandra Bullock, who recently praised the streaming giant.

“They treat artists well.”

“They’re helpful to filmmakers,” Bullock explained.

“Many people wouldn’t be working if it weren’t for Netflix.”

Their stories would be kept hidden.

Who’d have guessed I’d still be working as a woman at this point, out in the cow pasture?

It’s correct.”

Bullock also mentioned that Netflix took risks that other studios wouldn’t, such as with the smash hit Squid Game.

“It’s one of the larger ones, but I’ve seen work from other countries…

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