Jacquie Beltrao, a Sky News presenter, apologizes after being chastised for a tweet about Novak Djokovic.


Jacquie Beltrao, a Sky News presenter, apologizes after being chastised for a tweet by Novak Djokovic.

JACQUIE BELTRAO has admitted that her tweets about Novak Djokovic were “very badly misconstrued” after they drew backlash.

After slamming social media “haters” for throwing “insults” at Novak Djokovic, Sky News sports presenter Jacquie Beltrao, 56, has clarified her tweets about the tennis player’s visa situation.

Djokovic, 34, was supposed to compete in the Australia Open later this month, but he was detained by Melbourne Airport security earlier this week.

Due to his vaccination status, he was informed that he did not meet the country’s entry requirements.

His visa was then cancelled by the Australian Border Force (ABF), and he was sent to an immigration detention hotel.

Jacquie sparked outrage when she slammed Djokovic’s critics, claiming that he travelled to Australia in “good faith.”

“While I don’t agree with [Djokovic’s] vaccination stance (his choice, of course), I don’t understand why Australia is detaining him in an asylum hotel,” the presenter told her 87,000 Twitter followers yesterday.

Jacquie was accused of being “arrogant” and “elitist” after her comments.

“What an extraordinarily arrogant and elitist statement,” Marian Smedley wrote.

It’s far better to argue that the refugees held in the ‘dirty hotel’ should be relocated or, better yet, released.”

“He’s not being treated like everyone else,” Robyn raged.

His appeal will be heard in a matter of days, whereas asylum seekers will have to wait years if their case is even heard.

I also recommend that you look into the living conditions, food, and other issues that asylum seekers face (they can’t even open a window).

Put a spotlight on it.”

Jacquie has since clarified that she did not believe his status as a tennis player made him “a better person,” and that she was not comparing his situation to that of an asylum seeker.

“I phrased my tweet very badly,” she wrote.

“I’m not saying Novak is a better person because he’s a good athlete, but his situation can’t be compared to an asylum seeker’s.”

“Perhaps no exemptions for the Australian Open should have been granted at all.”

“[Tennis Australia] should shoulder a greater share of the blame.”

According to court documents released on Saturday, Djokovic had Covid last month, giving him a “medical exemption from Covid vaccine” and allowing him to enter the country.

As a result, his lawyers have told Australia’s Federal Circuit and Family Court that he should be allowed to leave immigration detention and participate in the tournament.

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