Jackson Wang of GOT7 dons a panda suit in the music video for PANThePack’s ‘Gut Feeling.’


Jackson Wang of GOT7 dons a panda suit in the music video for PANThePack’s ‘Gut Feeling.’

Jackson Wang’s third music video as part of his PANThePack project with fellow Chinese rappers and vocalists is titled “Gut Feeling.”

GOT7 members are blowing up even more than they have in the past with each passing day (after they left JYP Entertainment). Each of the seven members is pursuing a solo career, whether it is acting or singing. Jackson Wang from China is sweeping the Chinese music scene with his new quartet project, ‘PANThePack,’ which involves three other Chinese musicians, Karencici, J.Seon, and ICE, as well as Jackson Wang himself.

This initiative has been performing fairly well, thanks to Jackson’s zealous social media promotion. This should not discourage Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom), since he continues to make time for his fans despite his hectic schedule. Jackson is the most recent member of GOT7 to join Youngjae’s ‘Vibin’ Challenge, which began with the release of his debut solo mini-album, ‘COLORS from Ars.’ News from the Brinkwire Jackson Wang of GOT7 wears space buns in the music video for ‘Buzz,’ and fans refer to him as the’red panda.’ Fans claim Jackson Wang has’set the bar too high’ with his live performance of ‘Drive You Home.’PANThePack ‘Buzz’ On September 9, Team Wang’s YouTube page uploaded the first music video from Jackson Wang’s PANThePack project, titled “Buzz.” Jackson drew a lot of attention from fans in the video since he had changed his hair color for the first time in a long time and was rocking the’space buns’ haircut. Fans were enamored with this new hair color as they discussed it on social media. While a romantic robot panda goes loose, the song depicts how Jackson and his band deal with stardom.

PANThePack released its first full-length album, ‘The Pack,’ on September 17 as part of their new project. ‘Buzz,’ ‘DNA,’ ‘Transmit,’ ‘Gut Feeling,’ ‘Too Many,’ ‘Sold Out,’ ‘Maybach,’ ‘Pull Up,’ ‘Wishlist,’ and ‘Shanghai Dream’ are among the album’s ten tracks. So far, Team Wang has created music videos for the tracks ‘Buzz’ and ‘Pull Up’ following the release of the album.

‘Gut Feeling’ by PANThePack

Jackson Wang and his band returned on October 9 with a new music video for the song ‘Gut Feeling.’ The song’s music video included all four members of the band. But Jackson was the only one who didn’t look like his regular muscular, elegant self. Jackson wore something other than his regular fitted Fendi attire or velvet suit, which could be a first. Instead, he was dressed like a fluffy panda.

Here’s the link to the music video:

Panda Jack or PANThePack?

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