‘Jacinta’ Review: A Hulu film on an addict’s misery is a distressing viewing.


‘Jacinta’ Review: A Hulu film on an addict’s misery is a distressing viewing.

‘Jacinta’ successfully depicts the bleak realities of addicts and their loved ones as they cope with the condition.

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The documentary ‘Jacinta,’ which was recently released on Hulu, is a heavy watch. The documentary is the result of filmmaker and producer Jessica Earnshaw’s hard work and vision, as we watch the story unfold from the perspective of a drug addict over the course of three years.

‘Jacinta’ follows Jacinta, a heroin addict who is incarcerated, as well as the people in her life who have contributed to her problem and/or helped her overcome it. In this brutal documentary, the real-life story challenges you to take life-poisoning narcotics seriously.

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The documentary begins with a home video of baby Jacinta smiling, followed by a scene of her alongside some children who are pretending to be in jail behind bars. We observe the obvious irony after a mother jokes that they’ll never get out of there. Jacinta and her mother Rosemary are pictured in the Maine Correction Center, where Jacinta is awaiting her parole. Jacinta leaves, hopeful and cheerful, with the goal of keeping clean and reconciling with her daughter. Any hope you had for her is about to vanish at this point.

We can tell things are likely to go downhill when Jacinta starts driving around her old haunts after a good meeting with her kid. When she starts misusing drugs again, she becomes enraged right away. As the film progresses, we witness her slide down the slope once more. It’s difficult to root for her as she struggles with sobriety and injects herself every chance she gets. We follow her decline over several months, with interviews thrown in for good measure. Her relapse creates a feeling of helplessness and acceptance of the situation as we watch her make poor decisions over and over.

Caylynn, her 10-year-old daughter, is the one who manages to pain the viewer the most. Despite everything she knows, she continues to believe that there is hope for the mother she yearns for, despite her anger and frustration. Even when it appears fruitless, Jacinta’s father maintains hope and prays for the daughter he loves. We learn that the circle of troubles began with Jacinta’s mother, who acted as a drug gateway, using narcotics with her young children. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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