‘I’ve got a lot of s**t,’ says the narrator. Never Mind the Buzzcocks is ‘brutal,’ according to Greg Davies.


‘I’ve got a lot of s**t,’ says the narrator. Never Mind the Buzzcocks is ‘brutal,’ according to Greg Davies.

NEVER FORGET THE BUZZCOCKS is set to return later this year after a long hiatus, but will new host Greg Davies be up to the task?

Greg Davies, a Taskmaster co-host and comedian, will follow in the footsteps of previous presenters Mark Lamarr and Simon Amstell for Sky’s planned reboot of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. The comedian recently spoke to RadioTimes about the difficulties he faced in taking over the former BBC Three panel show.

The planned Never Mind the Buzzcocks relaunch on Sky has been touted by Greg Davies as having a “brutal” first season.

From now on, the actor and comedian will be doing double duty as a presenter, since he’ll also be co-hosting Taskmaster on Dave with Alex Horne for the 12th series.

The music-themed panel show, which used to air on BBC Three, is known for its cutting wit as hosts take pot jabs at a variety of musical guests.

In a recent interview with RadioTimes, Davies confessed that his hosting style differs slightly from that of his predecessors, Mark Lamarr and Simon Amstell.

“I think people know me well enough now from other shows that they know I’ll lend a sillier feel to it,” he explained.

Fans of his acting and stand-up comedy know that the star of The Inbetweeners can still dish it out as much as he can take.

“But,” he said, “don’t get me wrong.” “I can guarantee you that the show was harsh at moments. We just finished recording the first block.

“I got as much as I gave out in terms of s**t.”

Lamarr and Amstell, the show’s previous hosts, were notorious for teasing the show’s more rowdy panelists.

Their combative hosting style regularly resulted in tense situations, including some famous squabbles and walk-outs.

Following Amstell’s departure in 2008, the programme took on a significantly lighter tone, with various guest hosts hosting each episode.

Before the BBC withdrew Buzzcocks in 2015, the final series was entirely presented by Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert.


Long-time fans will be happy to see Noel Fielding, the team’s former captain, as well as Daisy May Cooper, Davies’ Taskmaster runner-up and This Country star, return.

Talkback, the production firm, is also returning, so despite the reboot’s relocation to Sky, it’s anticipated that it will retain the traditional Buzzcocks flavor.

Greg Davies returned to the screen after a five-decade absence. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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