ITV bosses are fighting for Piers Morgan’s return to GMB to boost ratings, but the host feels betrayed.


ITV bosses are fighting for Piers Morgan’s return to GMB to boost ratings, but the host feels betrayed.

After winning his Ofcom complaint battle for comments made about Meghan Markle earlier this week, ITV head Kevin Lygo is apparently campaigning for Piers Morgan to return to Good Morning Britain.

It was reported earlier this week that the former Good Morning Britain broadcaster had won his case against the Duchess of Sussex and Ofcom over comments he made about the royal in March. After labeling Meghan’s statements on her Oprah Winfrey interview as dishonest, the 40-year-old received blowback from GMB viewers. Piers stormed off the ITV studio as a result of his words, and as a result, he chose to leave his post on the breakfast program.

The Sun has since stated that Kevin Lygo, ITV’s director of television, has been on a “one-man quest” to get Piers back to GMB because he is a “huge admirer.”

According to the sources, the TV executive is “fighting a losing battle internally.”

However, it has been reported that the channel has no intentions to invite Piers back to GMB at this time.

ITV executives have warned there is a “low to no prospect” of Piers making a comeback, according to the publication.

“We applaud the Ofcom finding that Good Morning Britain did not break the broadcast standards pertaining to injury and offence,” ITV said in a statement following the decision.

“The judgement states unequivocally that the balance and context given by the program creators were critical in minimizing the potential for hurt and offence caused by Piers Morgan’s comments.

“The program did not break Ofcom’s standards because of the program’s editorial decisions and the strong opposing opinions expressed by other presenters and guests.”

Despite ITV’s support for the former host, Piers said he felt “left down” by the network.

He told The Sun, “I didn’t want to lose my job in the first place.”

“However, I only want to work for someone that values freedom of speech and expression, and I felt that ITV had let me down, as well as their viewers.”

Piers’ comments on the Duchess of Sussex prompted Prince Harry and Meghan to file a formal complaint with ITV and Ofcom in March.

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