It’s’refreshing,’ says Jeremy Clarkson, to be free of Grand Tour co-stars Hammond and May.


It’s’refreshing,’ says Jeremy Clarkson, to be free of Grand Tour co-stars Hammond and May.

JEREMY CLARKSON has revealed an interesting distinction between working on the Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm.

With his new Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm, former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has swapped vehicles for life on a farm. He’d been learning about agriculture and machines with farm manager Kaleb Cooper, which was a far cry from his motorsport series. The distinctions between the two shows were recently discussed by Jeremy.

Jeremy Clarkson is well-known for starring in The Grand Tour, a British driving show.

The trio would go around the world reviewing vehicles with his co-stars Richard Hammond and James May.

They looked at pick-up trucks, Italian classics, and luxury vehicles from Johannesburg, Scotland, and Nashville.

The hosts indulged in unique events such as becoming special forces warriors at a secret training base while on their entertaining globe tour.

When Clarkson’s Farm premiered in June, viewers got to see a different side of the presenter.

Jeremy bought Diddly Squat Farm in 2008, but after the farmer retired, he determined to learn his way around the field.

With no prior agricultural experience, he was joined by Kaleb Cooper, a 21-year-old farm manager, who attempted to teach him what he knew.

Fans laughed at the parts where Kaleb was fast with his banter and wasn’t hesitant to scold Jeremy for messing up.

This was demonstrated in the season finale when Jeremy made a major blunder when harvesting grain, hiring only one lorry instead of the required 20 to reap the 140 acres he had remaining.

When asked if they were stuck, Kaleb said, “Yes, fully stuck. We can’t cut any more barley now since you f**ked up.”

Jeremy spoke to Giles Corren of Times Radio about quitting Hammond and May for a life on a farm in a recent interview.

“It’s refreshing, and I think it’ll be refreshing for the viewers,” he said, “because folks on my farm like Charlie, Kaleb, and Gerald aren’t celebrities, and they don’t want to be celebrities.”

Jeremy added, “They were actually rather upset to have the cameras poking their noses all the time because they wanted to get on with the job and work.”

“I believe it’s refreshing for people to see actual proper people on television, which you don’t see very often these days,” he continued.

“Kaleb is a superstar,” says the Brinkwire Summary News.


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