‘It’s time to stop eating!’ As his trousers split live on camera, James Martin was embarrassed.


JAMES MARTIN had a wardrobe malfunction on Monday’s instalment of This Morning as he accidentally split his trousers during a cooking demonstration.

This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield welcomed TV chef James Martin onto the programme on Monday. However, things went awry when the culinary expert was presenting an informative segment all about cooking with butter. James accidentally split his trousers during the segment and was left red-faced when he confessed what had happened to viewers at home.

James was on the show to present a segment all about his favourite ingredient – butter.

He began by raving about the common ingredient, explaining how it can work in both sweet and savoury dishes.

The chef began by stunning Holly and some viewers at home by putting a whole block of butter into a pan to make some Chicken Milanese.

James later went on to cook up some sweet treats for Holly and Phillip to try as a dessert, but things soon went wrong.

While he was cooking, Holly asked James: “What are you whipping your butter up into this time?”

“I’m going to make some miso fudge,” he explained, before joking he was “eating too much of it” while cooking.

“This is delicious,” he confessed, as he snacked on ingredients during the demonstration.

“You did give us a little sneak peek and it is pretty phenom,” Holly said, excitedly looking forward to the sweet dish.

The presenter made it clear she was impressed with his culinary skills, gushing: “Wow, yum.”

Phillip chimed in joking: “What people don’t realise is that he’s actually got wheels on the bottom of his feet and people just wheel him about.”

“I’ve just split my trousers, I know that, bending down here,” James confessed.

As James turned around and showed off his wardrobe malfunction, Phil exclaimed: “Oh you have!”


“I have genuinely,” James exclaimed, as the studio erupted with laughter.

“I need to stop eating, actually,” he confessed, blaming the trouser rip on his snacking.

Giggling at the chef, Holly exclaimed: “All in the name of research! All in the name of research!”

Viewers at home seemed to find the chef’s wardrobe malfunction hilarious, taking to Twitter to comment on the incident.

“Did James Martin seriously split his trousers?! #ThisMorning,” @MissLionHeart said.

“TIME TO LOSE WEIGHT ME THINKS,” @chippysross remarked.

@Rosie12_1994 commented: “#ThisMorning james sure does love his butter lol…”


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