‘It’s terrifying to be locked in my house!’ says Corrie actor Daniel Brocklebank.


‘It’s terrifying to be locked in my house!’ says Corrie actor Daniel Brocklebank.

DANIEL BROCKLEBANK has revealed that being “locked in his house” was “horrific” for him during the coronavirus pandemic.

Daniel Brocklebank, 41, who plays Billy Mayhew on Corrie, has spoken out about his struggles during the coronavirus lockdowns, calling government restrictions “draconian” at the time.

In an interview with This Website, the soap actor explained that he “didn’t see a single person for three months” because he was single during the lockdown and lives alone.

“I didn’t see a single person for three months during the first lockdown,” the Coronation Street star said, describing the “horrific” period.

“I’m a single woman with no children, and it was extremely difficult for me.”

“By nature, I’m a social person.

It was heinous.”

Daniel went on to explain his coping mechanisms, explaining that he tried to keep himself occupied by renovating his home.

“I mean, my house needed work done to it, so I kept myself busy with decorating as much as I could,” the actress continued.

“Yeah, it’s been horrible; the only solace I’ve had is being able to go to work, which has obviously allowed me to see people.”

“However, the circumstances in which we’re working are very different from what we’d normally encounter.”

“We wear a mask the entire time unless we’re doing a take,” Daniel explained at the time, “we have a one way system in the building now so that we don’t cross each other, and we’re doing our own hair and make-up.”

“You know, the green room had furniture removed from it until very recently, so we couldn’t congregate or socialize.”

“It was kind of quiet sitting alone in my house 247 and then going into work and my dressing room alone until I was called down to set.”

“Despite the fact that it was a respite, it was still not.”

“I think everyone has found it difficult in their own way, whether you’ve been locked in alone, with a partner, with a family, or whatever,” he continued.

“And all I can say is that I pray to God that we never, ever, ever have to go through this again.”

“I just think it was the most heinous, draconian, and heinous thing I’ve ever seen.”

Daniel had previously ignited.

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