‘It’s terrifying,’ Adelle Leonce of A Discovery of Witches says of her ‘interpretation’ of Phoebe.


Adelle Leonce of A Discovery of Witches on her ‘interpretation’ of Phoebe: ‘It’s terrifying.’

The final season of A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES is about to premiere on Sky Max, and this website spoke with Phoebe Taylor star Adelle Leonce about her role in the third season.

Over the course of its three seasons, A Discovery of Witches has assembled a star-studded cast.

Adelle Leonce first appeared on the show in season two and will reprise her role as Phoebe Taylor for the final season of Sky Max. NOW This website spoke with Leonce about the third season, as well as the changes she made to Phoebe in comparison to the original books.

Season three of A Discovery of Witches is finally here, adapting Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy, the third and final book in the series.

Because it condenses the epic final book into seven explosive episodes, the final season is set to be the most action-packed and dramatic yet.

While the show has always stayed true to the source material, changes had to be made to make it work best on screen.

This can pose significant challenges for the stars, as they must strike the right balance between the character on the page and the character on the screen.

When Phoebe Taylor’s Adelle Leonce joined the show in season two, she faced this challenge.

This website caught up with the star to discuss some of the changes Leonce brought to Phoebe in the third season.

“When you’re starting a series based on a book, it’s always difficult,” Leonce explained.

“As an actor, you have to sort of make your own decision on where you lie, so I took all of Phoebe’s information, all of her energy, and spoke with [Deborah Harkness] very closely.”

“I had no choice but to go with my own interpretation of Phoebe while also trying to respect Deb’s point of view.”

“It’s terrifying because there are so many different perspectives on the character.

“Even Phoebe’s description isn’t quite right, but you just have to accept that you’ve been cast in this role and roll with it.”

Leonce went on to discuss how Phoebe has evolved between seasons two and three, as well as what viewers can expect from her when the show returns.

“Phoebe has always been certain of where she wants to go, and she’s always been strong-willed,” Leonce continued.

“It continues in the.

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