‘It’s simple!’ Dale Vince explains his plan to slash energy bills across the United Kingdom.


‘It’s simple!’ Dale Vince outlines a plan to reduce energy bills across the UK.

On Good Morning Britain, ECOTRICTY founder Dale Vince laid out a plan to slash energy bills across the UK.

Dale Vince has proposed a solution to the rising cost of energy, which has left Britons with large bills this winter.

The founder of Ecotricity called on the government to abolish “stealth taxes” on the sector, saying his solutions would be “simple to implement” on Good Morning Britain.

“As a short-term fix, the government must remove the hidden taxes from our energy bills,” Mr Vince told GMB.

“It doesn’t happen in any other sector; we invest two and a half billion dollars a year in agriculture to reduce food costs, but we don’t factor that cost into food prices at the supermarket.”

“We put two billion dollars into trains, but we don’t pass that cost on to train passengers.”

“Planes and fossil fuels are also subsidized.”

We have stealth taxes to fund energy-related programs, which is unique in the energy industry.

“As a result, the cost of government regulation and policy failure in the energy market this winter must be taken out of people’s fuel bills.”

It comes after Rishi Sunak was challenged to come up with “more constructive ways” to assist Britons who have seen their energy costs skyrocket.

On Sky News, the Chancellor was pressed to support measures such as lowering the VAT on fuel to help with the rising cost of heating homes this winter.

“Of course, we have a range of different ways to help people with energy bills,” Mr Sunak told Sky News.

“I’m always listening, and I want to make sure that the policies we have in place to help people as we have done, as well as our track record, show that we’ve always been there to support people over the last year or two.”

“The Treasury is reluctant to release funds to help people out,” a Sky News reporter challenged him.

“Couldn’t more be done, like lowering the VAT on gasoline and other things? Surely there are more constructive ways to help people more directly.”


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