‘It’s necessary to laugh!’ On BBC Breakfast, Karren Brady mocks Dominic Raab for his’misogyny’ gaffe.


‘It’s necessary to laugh!’ On BBC Breakfast, Karren Brady mocks Dominic Raab for his’misogyny’ gaffe.

In her recent opinion essay, KARREN BRADY responded to Dominic Raab’s ignorance of misogyny and its meaning with skepticism.

Dominic Raab’s incorrect suggestion that misogyny may be displayed against both men and women made Baroness Brady, 52, giggle. Instead of getting caught up in semantics, the Apprentice star emphasized the critical need to “stamp misogyny out.”

Brady, who is currently vice-chairman of West Ham United F.C., is a well-known entrepreneur who has spoken out against sexism in the boardroom, notably in the sports industry.

When she heard Raab speak on sexism, she was underwhelmed by his lack of understanding of the term and urged for action to combat men’s horrible behavior toward women.

In the aftermath of Sarah Everard’s murder, the Justice Secretary was asked on BBC Breakfast whether sexism should be classified as a hate crime, although he looked unsure of what the phrase meant.

“Whether it’s a man against a woman or a woman against a man, misogyny is completely immoral,” he stated.

Misogyny is defined as a hate, hatred, or inherent prejudice against women, according to the dictionary.

As a result, the term cannot be used to denote hatred or prejudice against men, a fact that eluded the Justice Secretary during a pretty humiliating live television moment.

“Sorry, but I had to laugh at Dominic Raab’s remark that misogyny can be expressed against men as well as women,” Brady commented in response to the gaffe.

She went on to say that Sally Nugent had been questioning Raab about the investigation into the “systemic flaws” that allowed Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens to continue working as a cop.

Many people were disappointed, according to Brady, when the Justice Secretary looked to be out of the loop.

“You’d think that if you get to the position of Justice Secretary, you’d know what sexism is – that, by definition, it exclusively pertains to women,” she continued.

“You’d think he’d be aware that its polar opposite, male dislike, is known as misandry.”

The high-powered celebrity, on the other hand, was pragmatic about the situation.

She added that she was more interested in fighting misogyny than in Raab’s inability to grasp the concept.

“Let’s not get caught up in the words,” she wrote.

“Let’s concentrate on the problem at hand: how to eradicate misogyny.”

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