‘It’s like playing roulette with your life.’ Patel is chastised by the host of GB News for his ‘wrong’ anti-terror plans.


‘It’s like playing roulette with your life.’ Patel is chastised by the host of GB News for his ‘wrong’ anti-terror plans.

As a Constable disclosed, many referred to Prevent had mental health or psychological problems, GB NEWS host Patrick Christys attacked the Home Secretary and No. 10 for “wrong” anti-terror plans.

Patrick Christys of GB News has criticized the government of getting its counter-terrorism policy “completely wrong,” criticizing Priti Patel for “playing roulette with innocent people.”

Mr Christys, speaking on GB News, called for tougher anti-terror laws.

“So, according to a report, 70 percent of persons sent to the Counter Terrorism Prevent Scheme may have mental health issues,” he stated.

“I believe it’s fair to argue that if you’re a violent extremist, you’re definitely mentally ill by definition, but our Prevent scheme is a bit of a joke—kids have been referred to it for vocalizing their support for UKIP, for example.

“Now, whatever your feelings about that political party, it literally ran a candidate with the surname Gammons in the London mayoral election with no irony whatsoever. Supporting UKIP does not make you a terrorist threat.”

“We have our counter-terrorism policy all wrong in this country,” he continued. We’re sending teenagers to prison for supporting UKIP, but we’re also letting known violent Jihadists out of prison to massacre people on British streets.”

Mr. Christys then used the terrorist Sudesh Amman as an example.

This terrorist was imprisoned for a number of terror acts, and while incarcerated, he stated that he planned to kill the queen.

Later, he was released and placed under 24-hour surveillance. Despite this, after grabbing a knife from a shop, he stabbed two individuals in 63 seconds.

“He was shot dead, yet it only took 63 seconds to stab two innocent people,” Mr Christys concluded.

“Of course, people with mental health disorders or vulnerabilities are more vulnerable to radicalization; there’s no contesting that. But that shouldn’t be used as an excuse or explanation for not being harsh enough on terrorism.

“A state’s primary responsibility is to safeguard its own inhabitants. And all too often in this country, we prioritize the human rights of vital jihadists over the rights of ordinary people like you and me to be safe as we go about our daily lives.”

He went on to say, “It’s all well and good reporting minors to the authorities if.” Brinkwire Summary News


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