‘It’s killing us; it needs to be changed!’ Eamonn Holmes and Ruth are at odds over the sugar tax.


‘It’s killing us; it needs to be changed!’ Eamonn Holmes and Ruth are at odds over the sugar tax.

EAMONN HOLMES and Ruth Langsford sparred on Thursday’s This Morning, as the husband and wife presenting team discussed the government’s proposed new sugar and salt tax.

Following a new independent evaluation of England’s National Food Strategy, the government has been urged to enact the world’s first salt and sugar tax in order to improve people’s and the planet’s health. Although the levy is intended to help reduce the amount of sugar and salt consumed by consumers through processed and low-cost meals, it clearly divided opinion among the This Morning panel on Thursday. The debate featured presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, as well as Matthew Wright and Beverley Turner, and it didn’t take long for squabbles to develop.

“They’re proposing that the funds be used to pay for GPs to then -“ “But that’s nonsense, darling,” Ruth began before being cut off by her other half.

“They don’t ring-fence money,” Eamonn said, “that’s like claiming the road tax goes towards roads, it doesn’t.” Ruth tried to clarify, “But that’s what they’re saying.”

“But if does not happen, Matthew, it will go towards defense spending or something else,” Eamonn said as Matthew attempted to bring some calm to the dispute.

Beverley weighed in and didn’t mince words with her view on the subject, blasting: “I am furious by this article today almost more than any of the others.” Ruth smiled as Beverley weighed in.

“We get such contradictory messages about how healthy we should be, how much we should move, and what we should eat,” she concluded.

“It has never been more difficult for us to stay fit and eat well in the last 12 months since the gyms were closed, the pools were closed, and we were getting takeout because we couldn’t go out to dine.

“We were already in the midst of an obesity epidemic, and it has only gotten worse in the last 12 months.

“How could the government come in and say they’re going to tax food, which would disproportionately affect and burden the poor?”

The ITV guest went on to say that she agreed with the reinvestment in free school meals, but that the leisure industry should receive more attention and funding.

As she alluded to, Beverley said, “Invest in leisure.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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