‘It’s humiliating.’ The star of Ridley Road, Vivien Epstein, talks about the ‘big shock’ she got from the BBC series.


‘It’s humiliating.’ The star of Ridley Road, Vivien Epstein, talks about the ‘big shock’ she got from the BBC series.

RIDLEY ROAD is a revolutionary new series that follows a Neo-Nazi organization in the 1960s, and star Vivien Epstein explained why she was taken aback.

A brand new BBC One drama adaption will give audiences an inside look at a fascist organization in the 1960s via the eyes of an undercover young Jewish lady. Agnes O’Casey, who plays Vivien Epstein in the film, talked out about what she found uncomfortable and why Ridley Road came as a shock to her.

“I had no understanding of this period in history – I knew about Oswald Mosley to a lesser extent,” the rising celebrity said to the BBC.”

“This entire period completely blanked me,” Agnes said, “so seeing archive footage of swastikas and people ‘heil’ing in such recent history was a great shock.”

“It’s embarrassing to admit, but I mistook the script for a novel when I first read it.” “she continued.

“That’s one of the many reasons why Sarah’s writing on this today is so brilliant; this period of our history has been forgotten, “Agnes came to a conclusion.

The planned BBC series will be a four-part adaptation of Joe Bloom’s 2015 novel series of the same name.

The network aired a teaser trailer that depicted 23-year-old Vivien going undercover to learn more about a neo-Nazi organization.

Agnes explained more about her personality, revealing that she was on the lookout for something new after becoming tired with her current lifestyle.

“Vivien lives in Manchester, in a caring but demanding environment – she is still single and feels the rising weight of her parents’ wishes,” she explained.”

“With an arranged marriage coming, she realizes she must fit a position she knows isn’t suitable for her,” Agnes continued.

Vivien was bored at work as well, despite the fact that she was a proud hairdresser who loved her job but didn’t feel pushed.

This prompted her to take a risk and flee to London, initially in pursuit of a lad named Jack with whom she had an affair.

After landing a job at a Soho hair salon, Vivien becomes active in London’s anti-fascist movement and is chosen to infiltrate Colin’s neo-Nazi group, the National Socialist Movement (NSM). “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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