‘It’s going to be incredibly challenging,’ Gemma Atkinson said of her unexpected realization about her daughter.


‘It’s going to be incredibly challenging,’ Gemma Atkinson said of her unexpected realization about her daughter.

GEMMA ATKINSON talked about how difficult it will be to be away from her toddler Mia for a week when she embarks on the CoppaFeel! journey through the Scottish Highlands.

When Gemma Atkinson, 36, started the CoppaFeel! trip across the Scottish Highlands later this year, she suddenly realized she’d be away from her two-year-old daughter Mia, whom she shares with Strictly star Gorka Marquez, for a week. It comes after she admitted to her social media followers that she had missed her daily ritual with her toddler, who was staying with her sister.

I’ve only been apart from her for one night, literally one night!

Gemma Atkinson is a British actress.

But, while one night apart from Mia was difficult, Gemma soon realized she’d have to make it through six more when the event arrives.

The former Hollyoaks star is putting her best foot forward by participating in a grueling 62-mile charity run to raise money for breast cancer research.

She used Instagram to tell her followers how difficult it will be.

She began, “I’ve got to fetch Mia up from my sister’s, she stayed out last night.”

“Obviously, she wasn’t there this morning to conduct our morning routine, and I’ve missed her!

“And it just occurred to me that I’ll be away from her for a week if I go on this trek!”

“The longest I’ve been away from her is a night, literally one night!” she laughed as she glanced at the camera in sorrow.

“And I’ve got an entire week ahead of me!”

“It’s going to be extremely difficult.”

The soap star revealed in a recent interview with Hello! magazine that she’ll be leaving Mia in the capable hands of her father while she’s abroad.

“Gorka is fantastic with her, and she enjoys spending time with him alone,” she said with a smile.

“Sometimes I’ll get home and she’ll be showered and in her jammies, and my tea will be ready, and I’ll think to myself, ‘Wow, you’ve been on fire today!’”

“He reminds me of Ms. Doubtfire!” she added.

Gorka and Gemma met on the set of Strictly Come Dancing in 2017.

And the two will be there to support her every step of the way.

She beams, “I think they’ll both be very proud of me.”

“It’s an incredible challenge for a fantastic cause,” she remarked.

“It’s something that every woman can relate to.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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