‘It’s fantastic!’ Mrs Hinch fans reveal a 59p carpet odor removal hack.


‘It’s fantastic!’ Mrs Hinch fans reveal a 59p carpet odor removal hack.

REMOVING stains and odors from a carpet is a difficult task. Mrs. Hinch’s followers, on the other hand, have contributed a cheap pantry essential that might work.

Mrs. Hinch is a cleaning guru who frequently posts her advice on social media. Her fans have offered tips on how to clean a carpet and remove odors with baking soda.

Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook Group members shared the advice.

Dave Robert, a Facebook member, sought help on how to get rid of odors on his carpets.

“My rug stinks,” he said. In the living room, I have a large rug.

“It’s had better days, but it still looks decent in general.”

“Unfortunately, it has a strong dog odor.” It’s a wet dog! I jet cleansed it a couple of days ago with carpet cleaner solution and let it dry outside.

“I sprayed it with Fabulosa to make it smell better, but it’s already gone off, and the damp dog is back.”

“So today I went over it with a Bissell carpet cleaner, but the scent is still there.”

“Can you perhaps give me some ideas before I throw it away?”

The Facebook post was quickly inundated with advice, with nearly 100 people contributing their suggestions.

Many people suggested utilizing bicarbonate, sometimes known as baking soda.

This is a low-cost item that many people already have in their kitchen cabinets.

“Sprinkle with baking soda wait for an hour and hoover,” Facebook user Tammy Gurney said. I just cleaned my carpets, and I have two dogs, so the stench is gone.” “Bicarbonate soda will get rid of any pongs,” Gemma Harding added. “Maybe try a solution of bicarbonate of soda and let it to dry outside,” Sarah Street, a third Facebook user, suggested. “I bought a used sofa that stank like dog, used baking soda, let it overnight, and hoovered it off in the morning,” Ceava Murray concurred. “Bicarb and a few drops of essential oil, leave overnight,” Nicole Parr added.

“Hoover the next day, and perhaps the canine odor will be gone.”

“Sprinkle with bicarb and let aside for a few hours,” Manda Martin continued. Turn off the vacuum cleaner.

“I do this on a weekly basis because I have four dogs.” It works great and there are no odors.” Most supermarkets sell bicarbonate soda for a reasonable price if you don’t already have it.

It costs 65p and can be found in Asda. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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