‘It’s fantastic!’ Fans of Mrs. Hinch share their tips for removing cooking marks from an electric cooktop.


CLEANING enthusiasts have shared the most effective ways to remove cooking marks from an electric hob. How can you get rid of them?

Social media cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, inspires millions to clean their homes with her incredible tips and hacks. Mrs Hinch fans now share their own tips with each other in cleaning Facebook groups.

In one of the groups, user Amy Sarah Swift asked for advice on how to clean the cooking marks from an electric hob.

“Looking for suggestions please on what will get rid of these cooking/scorch marks from an electric hob? No matter how much I clean it or what I try I can’t seem to get them off and they look awful,” she posted.

“There is no residue to scrub/scrape off it’s like it’s scorched/stained into the glass?” she added.

Many cleaning enthusiasts got back with their favourite tips and recommendations.

Facebook user Lesley Norris Adams said: “I use pink stuff on mine, the paste not the spray and it always comes up clear and clean.”

Another user named Pippa T-j agreed: “Pink stuff paste and a Minky grill pad amazing for this.”

Others advised always using a damp microfibre cloth.

Kelsey White commented: “Damp microfibre cloth not soaking then apply powder on affected areas and rub in!

“Works a treat!”

Cheryl Jessi Kelly commented: “Toothpaste and a damp cloth, give it a good rub then buff.”

Many suggested using a hob scraper.

Clare Medcalf-white said: “Honestly it looks like there is no residue but give a hob scraper a go.

“You will be surprised!”

Cleaning enthusiast Chris Otter commented: “I use elbow grease, maybe this time with a hob scraper as well.”

“A hob scraper will remove the marks as it’s burnt on, be careful not to push too hard and damage the glass though,” Hannah Evans warned.

“Astonish hob cleaner is the only thing I found that works. The one with the sponge in the pack with it,” suggested Lisa Anderson Hall.

Facebook user Debbie Shipley said: “Fire stove glass cleaner.”

While Janis Phillips suggested “Hob Brite or Astonish hob cleaner.”

Kristina Pilling agreed: “Hob Brite is really good!”

Hob Brite can be found in Asda for £1.46.


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