‘It’s fantastic!’ Fans of Mrs. Hinch offer advice on how to remove limescale from the shower head and faucets.


‘It’s fantastic!’ Fans of Mrs. Hinch offer advice on how to remove limescale from the shower head and faucets.

Cleaning shower heads and taps is necessary for them to function properly, and Mrs Hinch’s admirers have the greatest advice on how to do so and what products to use.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, has 4.1 million Instagram followers after advocating and sharing her finest cleaning techniques. As a result, her devotees have started their own Facebook groups dedicated to cleaning and organizing advice. And one of the most popular posts is about removing and preventing limescale in the home.

When hard water evaporates, limescale is a material primarily composed of calcium and magnesium that is left behind.

It is most usually associated with hot water – for example, in kettles and on taps and shower heads – but not solely.

Hard water affects almost 60% of homes in the UK, so it’s no surprise that many people are looking for answers and the best ways to remove limescale from their home’s components.

A Facebook user requested how to clear limescale from shower parts in one of the groups.

“Best approach to wipe limescale markings off of matte black shower head and taps?” Ruby Allen wondered.

“Viakal, I clean self-catering property, and every apartment we do, we pull the shower head off and spray,” Lucie Oakes answered.

“Viakal Ruby,” Michelle Farah echoed.

“Vinegar and water,” Sue Penhallow suggested.

When removing limescale from taps and shower heads using distilled white vinegar, homeowners soak kitchen towels or rags in the vinegar and wrap around the taps, making sure the area is saturated.

Cover with a plastic bag and wash away the limescale after a few hours.

Place the shower heads in a large glass or vase with enough vinegar to cover them.

After a few hours, the limescale will have softened and will be easily washed away with water.

“HG Scale Away from Amazon is fantastic,” Tracy Cockayne also recommended.

Limescale isn’t the only thing that can accumulate in a bathroom; mould can grow owing to prolonged moisture produced by a lack of airflow.

Gemma Lacy was determined to remove the limescale from her bath mat.

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