‘It’s downright criminal!’ Brian May criticizes the Conservatives for their ‘brutal’ badger extermination program.


‘It’s downright criminal!’ Brian May criticizes the Conservatives for their ‘brutal’ badger extermination program.

In his recent Instagram post, BRIAN MAY slammed the conservative administration for approving the “brutal extermination of tens of thousands” of wild badgers.

Brian May, the guitarist for Queen, took to social media this morning to criticize “successive Conservative regimes” for making a “tragic blunder,” according to him. The 74-year-old artist claimed he couldn’t forgive the Conservatives for sanctioning the “brutal extermination” of innocent badgers to combat the spread of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) among cattle.

Brian, who works with a conservation team to safeguard local wildlife, expressed his concerns after seeing a coworker’s latest animal rescue update.

The Save Me Trust’s Anne recorded a young badger in her care and pushed the government to change its stance.

Brian stated it was “criminal” that the “senseless slaughter” was still going on, sharing her post with his own 2.9 million followers.

She added beside the footage: “This tiny angel threw me many sleepless nights as I worked to pull her back from the brink, but look at that face.

“Look at that face if you ever wonder why @brianmayforreal and I are fighting the badger cull. She is silent and innocent, and she deserves honesty and protection.

“Hundreds of thousands of badgers will perish as a result of our government’s decision; it is their policy and choice, and they have the power to stop it.

“The badger cull had little effect on bovine tuberculosis. You can’t stop a sickness if you can’t find it.

In light of her 14,300 followers, she wrote, “Time to stop the slaughter, it’s harmful for farmers, livestock, and badgers #wakeupdefra.”

Brian fumed in his post: “I will never forgive successive Conservative governments for allowing the barbaric slaughter of tens of thousands of these lovely innocent local animals over the last few years.

“The massacre is still going on right now. All of our efforts to put a stop to it have been fruitless.

“British dairy farmers are still fighting the plague of bovine tuberculosis in their herds, highlighting the fact that badger culling has shown to be entirely ineffectual in reducing the disease in cows.

“The REAL reservoir of infection, now proven to be ill and contagious individuals within the cow herd, has been a sad mistake all along.

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