‘It’s difficult to deliver babies from 6 feet away!’ Jenny Agutter is on the line. The Midwife is having a hard time.


‘It’s difficult to deliver babies from 6 feet away!’ Jenny Agutter is on the line. The Midwife is having a hard time.

While being able to return to filming last Christmas had its perks, JENNY AGUTTER acknowledged that Covid still caused big challenges for Call The Midwife.

Jenny Agutter, 68, and the Call’s other members The cast of Call the Midwife was overjoyed to rejoin regular production, especially for last year’s Christmas special. But, as we can guess, socially-disconnected midwifery is challenging.

It’s difficult to deliver babies from a distance of six feet!

Jenny Agutter is a writer who lives in New York City

After a difficult year, the national treasure also believed it was critical that the BBC show return to the airwaves.

She remarked in a new interview: “I was overjoyed that we were able to resume filming for the Christmas special from last year.

“I believe the BBC sought to make it possible for families at the time.”

“We all thought it was crucial.”

She went on to tell Woman and Home how relieved the cast and crew were to be able to do so, explaining: “Whatever the conditions – and the pandemic has been difficult for some people, with isolation and a lack of community – we all thought it was the right thing to do.

“It was also great to return back to work.”

“Delivering infants from six feet away is difficult!” she says hurriedly.

Jenny has played Sister Julienne, a beloved character on the show, since 2012.

She is the head of Nonnatus House’s nuns, acting as both a guiding hand and a moral compass for the sisters and young midwives under her care.

Jenny has remained a mainstay character over the ten seasons, and she has a collection of unforgettable storylines that are important to her heart.

When she reminisced on a pivotal scene from the drama, one of them left her and her co-stars in tears.

She told This website and other media early this year about some of her favorite moments.

She chose a moment from the third series, with Chummy (Miranda Hart) and her dying mother, Lady Browne (Cheryl Campbell).

Fans of the program will recall how, despite not having the best of ties, they attempted to reunite when her mother was dying.

Chummy is seen painting her mother’s nails to some wonderful classical music in a touching scene.

Jenny, creator. “Brinkwire Summary News” after it aired during a special Qandamp;A.


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