‘It’s an awful nightmare,’ says the author. Matt Baker discusses his battle with severe dyslexia.


‘It’s an awful nightmare,’ says the author. Matt Baker discusses his battle with severe dyslexia.

MATT BAKER, the former host of The One Show, has spoken out about the difficulties he has had in his career as a result of his severe dyslexia.

Matt Baker, star of Our Farm in the Dales and former host of The One Show, spoke with Mariella Frostrup on Times Radio about his new book, A Year on Our Farm: How the Countryside Changed Me.

While discussing this new venture and what to expect from the book, Matt shared some of the challenges he has had as a dyslexic.

“Matt Baker, how did you ever, not because you weren’t good at it obviously, but how did you ever wind up on television?” Mariella wondered, intrigued by Matt’s career and how he managed with his dyslexia.

You talk about how you live in the real world; I know that when you’re doing The One Show, which is a live show, you have to sit and read autocue.

“First and first, being a severe dyslexic, that must provide issues, but secondly, how did you have the patience to put up with all the bullshit that goes along with producing television shows?”

“I mean, I never wanted to be a presenter,” he replied, laughing at her surprise. I mean, everything happened by chance, and I write about it all in the book.

“But, in general, I ended up on Blue Peter not by mistake, but through hard labor, and it was never part of my goal or plan.”

“Then one television program led to another, and yes, autocue has been an awful nightmare, and I honestly, I learn everything that I’m doing,” he explained.

“On the other hand, when you’re beginning to read as a six-year-old, your brain is working extremely hard to be able to pick out these words and say what you think it says,” Matt said.

“The pressure you’re under while you’re doing it is another thing that’s helped me because I’m used to working in a high-pressure environment just by being asked to read.”

Matt noted that his work ethic has never wavered and that he has applied it to everything he has done in his career.

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “I’m a try hard because I’ve had to try hard.”


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