‘It’s a circus!’ Laura Tobin was chastised by GMB for having to deliver a weather report from a rollercoaster.


‘It’s a circus!’ Laura Tobin was chastised by GMB for having to deliver a weather report from a rollercoaster.

HAPPY MORNING Viewers chastised Laura Tobin of the United Kingdom for giving a weather report from a waterslide on Thursday’s episode.

Laura Tobin, a meteorologist from Good Morning Britain, was visiting Chessington World of Adventures to give the current weather update. Those watching at home saw her feed the penguins and engage with the giraffes before going on to one of the water coasters, although she decided it would be fun to provide the weather report while sliding down a log flume on one occasion.

“Whatever you are doing for the next few days, it is heat and humidity that will dominate, and then into the weekend, it will be thunderstorms that will dominate,” Laura warned viewers.

“At the moment, we still have an excessive heat warning in place across Wales and portions of South West England, and Northern Ireland recorded its highest temperature ever yesterday, yet again for this week.

“At the present, the jet stream is bringing warm air across our beaches; as it gets closer, cooler air will arrive, and our temperatures will drop as a result.

“However, for today, it is fine and dry to begin,” she added.

“UV levels are high – or extremely high – yet again, but tomorrow brings some very drastic changes.

“We see a weather front approaching in, bringing thunderstorms, and that changes our weekend plans.”

The final weather report she gave was while riding a water slide, and those watching at home didn’t understand why.

Laura said, “Welcome back to Good Morning Britain.” “I’m riding a rollercoaster… I’m at a great height.

“Wonderful vistas, this is the log flume ride; I have a camera on the ground, so perhaps you can see those guys.”

“I’m about to go down the escalator.

“Everyone asked whether I wanted to do the weather from a rollercoaster.’ She explained, “I said,’sure, why not!'”

“So I’ll start with the weather, and then I’ll talk about the upcoming drop!”

“Only #GMB would present an essential weather forecast live on a water chute!” one Twitter user wrote. Crazy!”

“It struck me as odd to have a weather presenter doing the weather on a water slide on this educated factual in-depth serious intelligent.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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