‘It was destroying my psyche.’ Fearne Cotton says she was forced to resign her post on BBC Radio 1 because she “HAD” to.


‘It was destroying my psyche.’ Fearne Cotton says she was forced to resign her post on BBC Radio 1 because she “HAD” to.

FEARNE COTTON said in 2015 that she “had” to leave her job as a DJ at Radio 1 because it was “ruining her psyche.”

Fearne Cotton, a 39-year-old radio DJ and TV personality, has stated that she “had to walk away” from her presenting career on Radio 1 because it was “ruining her head.” Cotton hosted the station’s mid-morning show for ten years before opting to quit in 2015 when pregnant with her second child.

I had no choice but to leave since it was actually destroying my psyche…

Cotton, Fearne

The radio DJ, who presently hosts a show on Radio 2, has previously spoken out about her mental health, boldly admitting that depression has an impact on her “work confidence” when doing her radio show.

Fearne has now claimed that her 10-year career as a presenter was “ruining” her mental health, prompting her to leave the show.

“I had to step away because it was literally killing my mind,” she claimed of her time at the radio station.

She told Red Magazine, “A lot of people still believe in this myth that individuals on TV or social media are these wonderful people with perfect lives, and it’s all a load of b*****ks.”

The mother-of-two told Angela Scanlon on her Thanks A Million podcast earlier this year that she felt “isolated” when her mental health was failing.

“A lot of my art has come from that era in my life where I fell into a pretty big pit of sadness and nothing seemed to make sense around me,” Fearne explained.

“During my encounter, I felt really alienated and alone. It had been a long time since I had dared to use the word depression…”

She went on to say that she was still working on a few things that had an impact on her, and that she had recently reflected on how it had influenced her career.

“One of them is confidence,” she added, “because I completely lost it when I didn’t have any at all, which has really hampered me in my career and, to some extent, in my personal life…

“In my professional life, I had lost a lot of confidence… I was unable to put myself out there in the same manner that I used to.”

In 2005, the wife of singer Jesse Wood co-hosted the show with Reggie Yates, with whom she had previously worked on CBBC.

So, Fearne. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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