‘It was a s**t show,’ Daniel Craig admits about his weakest Bond film.


‘It was a s**t show,’ Daniel Craig admits about his weakest Bond film.

With No Time To Die, Daniel Craig bids farewell to James Bond and reveals what he considers to be his own weakest 007 film: “It was a shambles.” Since his debut in Casino Royale in 2006, the actor has thoroughly embraced the famous role. Craig also tried something that no previous form of the British superspy had attempted. He’s given a series of interviews in the last two weeks stating that he was involved in designing one continuous plot arc for Bond throughout five films, which is unparalleled. However, in retrospect, he believes one film in particular was a flop.

Spectre is now Craig Bond’s lowest-rated film, but it is not the one that concerns him the most. He stated to the Empire film podcast that he struggled with his sophomore effort after such a positive experience with his debut on Casino Royale.

“I recall [shooting Casino Royale]with enormous love,” Craig stated. And there was all this other nonsense going on around it, which was irrelevant at the time because I knew we had a good film, that ‘Casino’ was a terrific film. You kind of think to yourself, ‘Wait and see, it’ll be fine, don’t worry.'” Casino Royale was a critical and commercial success, and it is still Craig’s highest-rated Bond film. However, the celebrity acknowledged that the realization that he was in charge of the franchise’s destiny overwhelmed him.

“I’d kind of yearn for the person I was when I did Casino,” Craig remarked. It’s not always a good thing to have too much knowledge.

“I was in the dark about a lot of things, about how things worked, about the mechanics of it,” she says. All of those things I didn’t comprehend, including how the rest of the world saw Bond. Then I began to comprehend them, and the weight of it began to bear down on me.” “The issue with Quantum of Solace was that it was a bit of a sh*t-show, to say the least, and the whole weight of that was there, and I kind of think that made me maybe lock up,” Craig stated.

“Thankfully, it’s been about loosening it up and loosening it up again, trying to go back to that Casino vibe of ‘It’s James Bond, come on, enjoy yourself.'” “Brinkwire Summary News,” please.


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