‘It was a little weird.’ Susanna Reid reveals behind-the-scenes turmoil following Piers Morgan’s departure.


‘It was a little weird.’ Susanna Reid reveals behind-the-scenes turmoil following Piers Morgan’s departure.

SUSANNA REID spoke out against her former co-star Piers Morgan’s highly publicized exit from Good Morning Britain. It comes as the broadcast regulator, Ofcom, announced a decision based on the criticism to the 56-year-remarks old’s about Meghan Markle, which the body deemed appropriate.

Susanna Reid, 50, co-hosted Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan for six years before the latter memorably walked off the ITV set over Meghan Markle’s explosive Oprah Winfrey interview. GMB actor Alex Beresford questioned the broadcaster’s remarks, saying he didn’t believe the Duchess of Sussex’s assertions about her time in the Royal Family. Susanna talked up about the “awkward” predicament she found herself in as Ofcom released the results of a probe yesterday, which Piers called as “vindicating.”

During the aftermath of the dramatic occurrence, the journalist complained about being stuck in the midst.

“On the one hand, I have my friend Piers Morgan, and on the other, I have my bosses,” she said. It was inconvenient.”

She stated of the conclusions of the Ofcom probe, “Ofcom included this key freedom of speech statement… Today, it’s all over the news as a watershed decision.”

“Mr Morgan was entitled to declare he disbelieved the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s allegations and to have and express strong opinions that severely disputed their story, consistent with freedom of expression,” Ofcom said on Wednesday.

“The code allows individuals to express passionately held and powerfully articulated ideas, even those that are potentially damaging or highly offending, and broadcasters to include these in their programming,” the rest of the statement stated.

“Limitation of such ideas, in our opinion, would be an unjustified and stifling restriction on both the broadcaster’s and the audience’s freedom of expression.”

More than 57,000 complaints were filed with Ofcom at the time of the incident, which occurred in March.

“We can confirm receipt of a standards complaint lodged on behalf of the Duchess of Sussex,” Ofcom said in March.

However, the organization found no infraction by Piers or GMB during the outburst in a final judgement issued on September 1.

“I thought it was a very fascinating decision,” Susanna Reid commented. Because of the challenge and the context that was shown alongside Piers’.”Brinkwire Summary News,” Ofcom decided that GMB did not infringe the broadcasting laws.


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