‘It was a fatal blunder,’ says the author. James Martin delivers a cooking advice caution to a Saturday Morning guest.


‘It was a fatal blunder,’ says the author. James Martin delivers a cooking advice caution to a Saturday Morning guest.

The author describes it as a “fatal error.” A Saturday Morning guest gets some cooking instruction from James Martin.

On Saturday Morning, JAMES MARTIN issued a caution to a listener who dialed into the ITV show hoping for a cooking tip from the celebrity chef.

During a replay of James Martin’s Saturday Morning, ITV spoke with a number of fans who called in to ask for help with their cooking troubles. The host visited with vet Claire, who wanted to learn how to cook the best coconut flour and sugar dish, during the program. Soon after, he spoke with John, a fan who was interested in learning more about the best cooking oils. Halfway through the program, the 49-year-old issued a caution to John, outlining what not to do when cooking with a specific oil, claiming it would be a “fatal mistake.”

To begin, James distinguished between two types of “different oils.”

“It’s all about the flash point,” the chef added. “Oils that have been heated to a higher cooking temperature before being used for cooking.

“Frying can be done with anything that has a high flash point. Anything having a low flash point should be used for dressings rather than cooking.

“I have a few here, John, and I’ll go through a few with you right now.”

As he went through each oil, James added, “Vegetable oil and grape oil are deep frying oils.”

“Extra virgin olive oils are available in a variety of extra virginity levels.

“This is what you use to cook with,” says the narrator. You wouldn’t deep fry them because of their low flash point.”

“They’re going to go off,” he continued. Because they are light-sensitive, don’t buy one and put it on the windowsill.”

“Put it in the cupboard,” he urged. “Another option is to use dark-colored bottles.

“And then there are the trendy oils. Coconut, flaxseed, and mustard oils are all good for you. These would be used as dressings.”

When it comes to nut oils, James says they have a low flash point and will burn if used in cooking.

This caused the TV chef to talk about the most common nut oil mishaps, following which he gave John a harsh warning on what not to do.

He describes the most common culinary missteps as “the most widespread culinary blunders, particularly in Chinese cuisine.” “Brinkwire News in a Nutshell.”


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