‘It stops them!’ Fans of Mrs. Hinch offer an 85p hack to keep squirrels from wrecking your garden.


‘It stops them!’ Fans of Mrs. Hinch offer an 85p hack to keep squirrels from wrecking your garden.

GARDENERS have offered an 85p technique for keeping squirrels out of your garden, where they can dig up your soil and kill your plants.

Squirrels are beautiful critters which make frequent appearances in most British gardens. Large groups of squirrels, on the other hand, may wreak havoc, with some Britons alleging that they have eaten through their garden furniture and intruded into their loft area. Fans of Mrs. Hinch’s cleaning and tidying show have provided their tips on how to keep squirrels away.

Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, became famous after sharing her amazing cleaning and organizing techniques.

Cleaning garden furniture and tidying up the garden are two of her suggestions.

A user inquired how they can keep squirrels out of their garden on a Mrs Hinch gardening advice social media group with almost 100,000 members.

“How can I get rid of squirrels in my garden?” they inquired. They’re being fed by my next-door neighbor.”

Hundreds of comments flooded the page, with a multitude of recommendations.

Spices were mentioned in a few of the most common comments as a way to get rid of them.

“Cayenne pepper… spicy chilli powder that works for me… they are destructive!” one guy said.

“As cute as they are, I don’t appreciate it when my plants are destroyed!”

“Not sure if this helps, but I heard the other day that putting some chilli flakes in your feeders deters squirrels, but birds are fine,” another person commented.

“Have you tried cayenne pepper?” said a third. It appears to work, but if it rains, reapply.”

Cinnamon was proposed by a fourth gardening fan.

“They’re gorgeous, and I enjoy having them, but they damaged all of my husband’s plants last year,” a fifth user commented.

“As a result, he had to cover his pots and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

“It kept them away from the pots while they continued to come into our garden for nuts.”

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Sainsbury’s sells crushed chilies and cinnamon for 85p and cayenne pepper for £1.

Putting huge ornaments in the garden in the shape of birds or cats to fool the squirrels into thinking they’re “prey” was another suggestion.

“You can acquire enormous ornamental birds of prey that dissuade squirrels,” one guy added.

“Doesn’t it sound like it could help?! Give it a shot. And, hey, it might look nice in your garden as well.”

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