‘It saves me money!’ Experts on where to look for properties before they hit the market.


‘It saves me money!’ Experts on where to look for properties before they hit the market.

BUYERS can identify homes before they reach the market, saving themselves “future money agony,” according to real estate specialists. According to a recent research, houses have sold for £30,000 to £40,000 more than the asking price across the country.

Over the last 18 months, property prices have risen rapidly due to the stamp duty break, a lack of supply, and growing demand. Because more people are keen to get their hands on the top listings, buyers frequently find themselves competing against a big number of other purchasers in the same situation. It can be impossible to avoid escalating costs and competitive bidding battles in today’s home market.

Property expert Sophie Cope of Mojo Mortgages, on the other hand, has revealed how to find your perfect home by seeing listings before they hit the market.

Buyers should “do their research” before visiting a house, according to Sophie, to gain a knowledge of the market in that region.

She also stated that buyers should not be influenced by variables including as estate agent pressure, emotion, or market conditions.

“Yes, offering 10% or more above the asking price is likely to result in a successful acquisition, but it could come back to bite you later when it comes time to sell the property,” she noted.

You’ll almost certainly be viewing many properties in your neighborhood, so you’ll need to get used to making phone calls and meeting with a variety of agents on a regular basis.

You should establish ties with these agents as soon as feasible during your hunt.

The best method to do this is to visit your local estate agent and introduce yourself to them.

You can then inquire about new properties that are expected to enter the market, as well as express any interest in them.

If a seller wants to sell quickly, knowing you’re interested in seeing it could relieve some of the strain on the agent.

You’ll be in a better position if you don’t have a chain and are wanting to move rapidly.

Keeping in touch with your neighbors is another way to learn when houses in your area are about to hit the market.

If you let them know you’re looking for a home in the area, you might get some insider information if a neighbor has heard someone is planning to sell in the near future.

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