‘It prevents moss from growing!’ Mrs. Hinch fans give a one-pound tip for cleaning patios.


‘It prevents moss from growing!’ Mrs. Hinch fans give a one-pound tip for cleaning patios.

A £1 trick for washing patios in the garden has been shared by gardening aficionados. According to a Mrs Hinch fan, the solution also “prevents moss from forming” on the patio slabs.

Garden patio cleaning is a challenging operation that most people feel necessitates the use of a pressure washer. Mrs Hinch’s supporters, on the other hand, have discovered a way to clean your patio without needing to buy or rent a jet washer. Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, is a cleaning celebrity who rose to fame after posting her cleaning advice on social media.

She now has over 4.1 million Instagram followers and has written multiple books.

Her fans have started their own housekeeping and gardening Facebook groups to provide their own advice.

A gardening enthusiast asked how to clean her patios in one of the groups.

“Does anyone have any patio cleaning advice, please?” they inquired.

“I tried cleaning with a brush the tiles on the right using Pink Stuff cream cleaner, but it didn’t make much of a difference.”

The user posted a photo of a discolored patio with weeds growing between the slabs.

The message received nearly 170 reactions from Mrs Hinch admirers.

Soda crystals, which can be found for as low as 80p at Tesco– purchase here– were one of the most popular options.

“Sprinkle soda crystals over them, then brush in water with a stiff brush,” one individual suggested.

“Leave for the night and brush off the next morning.”

“Soda crystal powder,” said a second person.

“Soda crystals – and it prevents the moss from forming,” wrote a third.

Quality Discounts sells soda crystal powder for as little as 98p.

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Another person inquired as to whether the soda crystals needed to be placed “in water” first.

“Yes, hot water,” said one user.

“Then, using a strong broom, pour the water over the slabs and brush it over.

“If necessary, try it a few of times.”

Bleach was another popular and cost-effective suggestion from Mrs Hinch admirers.

“Paint on thick bleach and let overnight,” one person said in response to the post.

“Bleach must be applied with cold water,” advised another gardening enthusiast.

“Bleach, but wear old clothes!” said a third.

“Hot boiling water for the weeds and bleach the slabs,” said a fourth. Allow to sit for a few minutes before rinsing.”

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