‘It made me feel violated.’ Naga Munchetty is in tears as she speaks about her ordeal on BBC Breakfast.


‘It made me feel violated.’ Naga Munchetty is in tears as she speaks about her ordeal on BBC Breakfast.

After the presenter discussed a horrible health ordeal, NAGA MUNCHETTY confessed she felt “violated and vulnerable.”

Naga Munchetty has spoken openly about a traumatic incident she had after her GP fitted her with a contraceptive coil, or IUD, a few years ago. Today, the BBC Breakfast broadcaster resorted to Twitter to urge people to recognize women’s suffering.

Given her 259,000 followers, the 46-year-old retweeted a recent essay she wrote.

It comes after journalist Caitlin Moran questioned in her Times column, “Why are women not offered pain relief during removal and installation of IUDs?” The BBC Breakfast host decided to tell her story for the first time.

“We must NOT recognise women’s grief and distress,” Naga said on the microblogging platform.

The BBC broadcaster told up about the hardship of getting the IUD removed after a year in her Refinery29 column.

Naga wrote, “I fainted twice.” “My GP, who is fantastic, couldn’t believe I had stuck with it at the follow-up appointment a week later.”

“[My GP] remarked, ‘Most women just give up when it hurts so much,’” the BBC host continued.

“She also expressed her dissatisfaction with my fitting.

“Even when they asked if we should stop, no one considered anaesthesia or sedation.”

After fainting a second time, the Radio 5Live host claimed she felt “violated” by the event.

“The pain was awful again when the coil was removed a year later (it didn’t suit me),” Naga added.

“When I left the doctor’s office, I fainted again, bursting into tears of relief. I felt betrayed, powerless, and enraged.”

After making the open statement on Radio 5Live, the small-screen diva went on to say that she was moved by the response she received from women.

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Naga expressed her gratitude for women’s voices being heard, but said that it begs the question of “why, until now, were women not consistently supplied good pain medication” when undergoing an IUD procedure.

An IUD is a little T-shaped plastic and copper device that a doctor or nurse inserts into your womb (uterus), according to the NHS website.

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