‘It is possible for it to be taken away from me.’ Tom Daley talks about missing out on Olympic gold by a whisker.


‘It is possible for it to be taken away from me.’ Tom Daley talks about missing out on Olympic gold by a whisker.

TOM DALEY recently discussed his last-ditch quest to win a gold medal as the Tokyo Olympics approaches and the renowned diver draws closer to retirement.

Tom Daley, an Olympic medalist in both London and Rio, recently talked up about his hopes of earning gold at this year’s Games. The celebrity also discussed his domestic support system and how it has aided him during the pandemic and his intense training.

Tom Daley, an Olympic diver, recently spoke out about his goals while discussing the consequences of the Tokyo Olympics being postponed last year.

The Olympian stated that this was his final chance to earn Olympic gold.

Daley has already won bronze at the London 2012 and Rio Olympics, and the British prospect is hoping to win gold in Tokyo this year.

In 2009, 2015, and 2017, the diver earned three gold medals at the World Championships.

“I feel blessed it’s even happening,” he stated to Radio Times.

He explained, “I just want to appreciate this because I’ve seen how easily everything can be taken away from me.”

Daley is presently training at the London Aquatics Centre, where he won gold in a nine-year-old competition.

Daley, who is now 27 years old, is hoping he doesn’t lose out on the chance to win gold before he becomes too old to compete.

The athlete will compete in the individual 10m platform event as well as the 10m synchronized event with Matty Lee at the Tokyo Olympics.

The diver also spoke with the publication about how difficult it was to train to mental and physical perfection just to have the coronavirus stop everything by delaying the 2020 Olympics until this year.

“That was the most difficult part,” Daley, who is nearing retirement, added.

“It was like limbo for us when they indicated it was going to be postponed but didn’t tell us when,” he explained.

“How are we going to restructure; how are we going to reschedule?”

Daley added, agitated, “I didn’t know when I’d get back in the pool.”

Despite traveling to Tokyo to compete for the first time after the postponement, Daley is concerned about the burden he has placed on himself this time.

He admits to putting so much pressure on himself that it felt like “torture.”

However, the diver afterwards remarked that. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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