‘It is possible!’ A gardening expert outlines what British citizens can grow right now.


‘It is possible!’ A gardening expert outlines what British citizens can grow right now.

A GARDENING expert has highlighted what British gardeners can grow right now. Planting is a “tough moment,” according to the plant expert, but “it can be done.”

Rowse Honey’s gardening guru is Mr Plant Geek, whose true name is Michael Perry. The plant expert spoke exclusively to This Website about what you should be growing right now in your garden. Midsummer’s hot weather might make it difficult to sow new blossoms.

Mr Plant Geek, on the other hand, assures us that there will be plenty to do in the following weeks.

Mr Plant Geek is also collaborating with honey brand Rowse to drive good change for bees through Hives For Lives, a program of critical activities that protects bees and improves beekeeper livelihoods.

Rowse is highlighting the importance of bees, from biodiversity to food production, in collaboration with its partners.

As a result, we can play a critical part in protecting these vital pollinators.

Planting specific species now and keeping them well-maintained is also critical for pollinator survival.

“It’s a scorcher. It’s the middle of summer, so planting is difficult,” Michael explained.

However, you can still plant species in your borders and garden; just make sure they’re well-watered throughout the hotter months.

“So, if people want to plant into borders, it can be done, but they’ll need to be prepared to water in those plants to ensure they establish extremely well,” he concluded.

“Of course, individuals can put things in containers and plant them.

“Containers still need to be watered, but I’ve noticed that people are more likely to water containers than the border or outside.

“You’d acquire a lot of plants that are better developed in bud, in flower,” says the seller.

If you know you’re not a meticulous plant waterer, though, you might be better off waiting a few months and planning for the autumn months.

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“Anything that has bare root is a really ideal time to plant in the autumn,” Mr Plant Geek explained.

Bare root plants have no development on the top and are made out of “raw elements.”

These plants will “establish better” in the autumn, according to the gardening expert.

Fruit is one of the bare root plants available. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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