‘It hasn’t been easy!’ says tennis star Johanna Konta about her difficult year.


‘It hasn’t been easy!’ Johanna Konta, the world number one tennis player, opens up about her difficult year.

JOHANNA KONTA discussed her tennis career over the last year, which has been marred by the coronavirus pandemic and a knee injury that she is still dealing with.

Johanna Konta appeared on ITV’s Saturday Morning with James Martin and spoke candidly about her career and the moments she will never forget.

Johanna revealed what’s in store for her in 2022, revealing that the 2016 Rio Olympics was the highlight of her career despite being in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and dealing with an ongoing knee injury. Johanna also revealed what’s in store for her in 2022, revealing what’s in store for her in 2022.

“So, what’s going to bring you in 2022?” James inquired as he prepared Johanna’s favorite meal of Cottage Pie.

“Because to say, you haven’t had it easy, no one does in that game, but injury has blighted your career in particular, and COVID got caught in the middle of it.”

“I wouldn’t say I’ve had that many injuries,” Johanna explained, “but in the most recent history of my career, I’ve had a knee issue that I’ve been managing.”

“It hasn’t been easy, but I think this year, to be honest, I’ve just had bad luck, and I think it started last year.”

“Right now, it’ll be about assessing where I am and then deciding what I want to do and how I want to do things moving forward.”

“And I suppose you trained so hard for that, similar to the Olympics, that must have been one of the pinnacles of your career?” James continued.

“You know what, I would say that representing Great Britain in Rio in 2016 was probably the highlight of my career,” Johanna admitted, adding, “It was incredible!”

“Above all the slams and everything?” James was taken aback by her confession.

“No, it really was, it was that feeling where you really immerse yourself in something that’s bigger than you, and you really felt it,” Johanna laughed at James’ surprise.

“It wasn’t about my game or my sport; it was about this collective team, and I guess I’d never done a team sport before.”

“I was ecstatic to be immersed in this environment of athletes, and we were all there to support one another,” she said.

“I would come back from a,” Johanna continued.

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