‘It had a significant impact on me.’ Humperdinck speaks out about his wife’s death, saying, “I want to make her happy.”


‘It had a significant impact on me.’ Humperdinck speaks out about his wife’s death, saying, “I want to make her happy.”

ENGLEBERT HUMPERDINCK talked about how his late wife Patricia Healey’s death affected him and how he still strives to make her happy.

Following the death of his wife Patricia, Engelbert Humperdinck, MBE, is planning to resume touring later this year. Following her death, the singer revealed that the “whole family has been in limbo,” but he hopes to continue to make her happy and delight audiences when he returns to the stage. He explained how he was dealing with his sadness to Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway on Good Morning Britain.

Humperdinck continued, “The whole family has been in limbo recently,” explaining that they had delayed to give her a proper send-off.

“We’ve been waiting for the quarantine to lift so that we may give her a proper send-off in our Leicester home.”

While Patricia had Alzheimer’s for a decade, Garraway stated that it did not “lessen the agony of that final goodbye.”

Humperdinck said, “I’m not sure how it’ll affect me.” “So far, it’s had a significant impact on me.

“I know I’m going on tour and singing vulnerable songs, but that’s my job, and I know it’s what my wife would want me to do.

“I’ve been out in her garden, which she adores and designed herself.

“I’ve been out and about doing little things to try to make her happy.”

“I am pleased with what has been happening in my life with the MBE,” he continued. Her Majesty has provided me with the opportunity to add letters to my name.”

“There’s no preparing for grief, is there?” Madeley continued.

Humperdinck explained, “I’m learning how to do that.” “It’s a challenging task.

“As a performer, standing on stage and singing sensitive lyrics, each line has the potential to affect your emotions in a variety of ways.

“It makes no difference; it’s my job.” I’m going to go out there and give it my all.

“I’ve had nothing but amazing support from my fans. They’ve been incredibly helpful throughout this difficult time in my life, and I’m grateful.”

Patricia Humperdinck died in February after contracting Covid, and the singer announced her death on Facebook, saying he was “heartbroken.”

She “she slid quietly away, as.” Brinkwire Summary News,” he added, adding that her “fight with Alzheimer’s was valiant from the very beginning.”


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