‘It caught you off guard.’ The ‘painful’ exit of a colleague is discussed by a Strictly Come Dancing star.


‘It caught you off guard.’ The ‘painful’ exit of a colleague is discussed by a Strictly Come Dancing star.

Ugo Monye of STRICTLY COME DANCING spoke to Zoe Ball on how painful it is to say goodbye to the candidates who have been eliminated, comparing them to a “dysfunctional family.”

Nina Wadia and Neil Jones were ousted from BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing on Sunday night, after they had been on the competition for two weeks. Ugo explained to Zoe Ball on her Radio 2 show how terrible it is when someone is evicted since they all feel like family.

“I have to say, you’ve got an outstanding gang this year, Ugo, is there a lot of support amongst yourselves?” Zoe began. Dan Walker, I believe, has started a WhatsApp group.” “It’s crazy because it was a case of this is so beautiful this dysfunctional family that’s come together, everyone’s best friends already up until the results show yesterday,” Ugo responded.

“The WhatsApp group is exploding, and you’d assume that because we’re only on the program for 13 weeks, we’ll become best friends and then disappear.”

“I’ve only known Nina for a few weeks, and you can’t spend much time with them because of Covid,” he added, “but knowing someone was going home and leaving was incredibly difficult and really blindsided you.”

Ugo continued by describing the group’s ambiance and praising Loose Woman Judi Love for providing “so much love and light.”

“Tom Fletcher couldn’t perform last week, he said a fantastic video into the group just expressing that he’s missing us,” Ugo remarked of Tom Fletcher’s absence from the program.

“So, even though it’s a competition, it’s wonderful to know that there’s a really nice lovingly spirit amongst all of us.”

“That moment Nina and Neil went out last night, of course, you can no longer go onto the floor and give them hugs,” Zoe continued, “and I was thinking ‘This is really terrible.'”

On Saturday night’s show, Ugo will honor Movie Week by drawing inspiration from the film Moana, which Oti previously stated would not appeal to his daughter Ruby.

“They loved it, we watched it again, and Phoenix and Ruby were just dancing around trying to mimic the steps,” he said of his children’s reaction to his performance on Saturday night.

“To be fully honest, as I’ve mentioned previously, they’ve.


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