‘It can’t go on,’ says the showrunner of Brian Cox’s successor series.


‘It can’t go on,’ says the showrunner of Brian Cox’s successor series.

The highly anticipated third season of SUCCESSION will premiere this month, but the showrunner has hinted that the series’ end may be near.

While fans wait to see who will emerge victorious in this power struggle, showrunner Jesse Armstrong has indicated that Succession may be coming to an end shortly. The HBO drama has been a tremendous popularity since its debut in 2018, so fans will be devastated by this news.

According to Jesse, the series’ creator, fans should savor every moment of the upcoming season because it may be the series’ final installment.

When asked about the future of Succession, he told New Stateman that it “can’t go on too long.”

The author cautioned fans not to expect it to continue indefinitely, as if it were a never-ending series.

“There will be a very definite time when that story is ended, and it can’t continue on for too long,” Jesse revealed.

Succession is a family drama about father Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and his four children as they compete to be his successor.

The news that he would be stepping down as CEO of Waystar Royco, the world’s largest media and entertainment firm, sent his family into a frenzy.

Logan attempted to turn the siblings against each other amid the chaos, but fans will have to wait to see if it worked, as it was hinted at in a recent trailer.

But, with the battle for the title of successor becoming a nail-biting experience for viewers, how long will it be before the series comes to a close?

“I suppose there’ll be an end for me in this edition of the program in… a little,” Jesse said cryptically in the interview.

Despite this, executive producer Georgia Pritchett said that the show would be renewed for a few more seasons.

“The maximum would be five seasons,” she remarked, “but it’s more likely to be four.”

However, given season two’s dramatic cliffhanger, it’s difficult to see the series coming to an end as law enforcement closes in.

Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) rebelled against Logan after his father asked that he take responsibility for the company’s wrongdoing.

Despite the fact that he was Waystar Royco’s original heir, he chose to arrange a news conference to expose his father’s criminal practices.

Following the publication of “Brinkwire Summary News,” law enforcement questioned the family.


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