‘It appears that my prayers have been answered!’ Shoppers at Aldi are raving over the brand-new Specialbuy.


‘It appears that my prayers have been answered!’ Shoppers at Aldi are raving over the brand-new Specialbuy.

Customers at ALDI have applauded a brand-new Specialbuy that was introduced to the store’s lineup last week for the first time.

Every Thursday and Sunday, Aldi’s Specialbuys go on sale, with some items selling out quickly due to their popularity. The budget supermarket frequently changes and upgrades its stock, introducing brand-new items to its assortment.

The Thera-P Massage Cushion is one of the most recent goods to be released by the store.

The item, which costs £34.99, is only available online and cannot be purchased in shops – shop here.

“Who wants a masseur when you have this at home?” the grocer claims on its website.

“Say goodbye to bothersome knots with the Thera-P Massage Cushion,” it continued.

“Experience the benefits of a thorough kneading shiatsu massage without ever leaving your couch.

“Your aches and pains will be gone in minutes thanks to the heat function, customizable speeds, and plush design.”

“Splurge on a massager that will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.”

The product is smooth to the touch and has integrated controls.

It’s also “simple” and “versatile” to use, according to Aldi.

The product has yet to receive any customer reviews due to its newness, however customers have shared their impressions on it via social media.

“Name a better combo, we’ll wait,” Aldi wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of the cushion.

“A massage cushion is now available for purchase online.” Here is where you can get it.

Many people were eager to get their hands on the item.

“Gotta love the middle aisle,” wrote Jess Frances.

“My prayers have been answered,” Gemma Boff stated.

“Need,” Connie McKendrick added.

Others used social media to raise attention to the cushion by tagging their friends.

“For your glass back,” Lauren Fullwood wrote.

“Yes, please when you go tomorrow,” Sheela Jayakumar Hill remarked.

“Perhaps one to try for your back,” Chloe Elizabeth suggested.

A Cordless Polisher, Garden Refuse Sacks, a Digital Multimeter, Summer Sauces, Mega Coloring Books, an Aluminium Handtruck, Chunky Yarn, and more were among the Specialbuys that arrived in retailers last week.

In other Aldi news, the grocer stated that it will be introducing new community donation locations across the country.

Customers are being asked to aid those in need at the shop.

Customers will be able to find the donation spots near the packing benches close to the doors in stores starting in October.

On their way out of the store, customers can contribute any food or home items.

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