‘Isn’t she amazing?’ Camilla shines in her new role as a literacy advocate.


‘Isn’t she amazing?’ Camilla shines in her new role as a literacy advocate.

Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room’s third season premiered today to rave reviews.

Camilla founded this book club in January 2021 as a result of her love of reading and a desire to share her favorite books with Royal watchers.

During the lockdown, the Duchess received an outpouring of support and thanks from her supporters who wished to participate in shared activities.

“Join The Duchess of Cornwall in The Reading Room; discover new books each season & meet the wonderful people who make them,” she wrote in the bio of her new Instagram feed.

On social media, fans of the Duchess have shared their admiration for The Reading Room.

“Thank you for this!” commented one Instagram user. My reading had come to a halt, and I needed some motivation. Now I’ve got it.”

“What a fantastic idea from our lovely Duchess of Cornwall. The book suggestions are fantastic. Thank you, Your Royal Highness, for building a reading area and encouraging us all to read more,” wrote another.

The idea was commended for being unique and inventive by royal observers.

“Ma’am, it’s wonderful to see you share such a basic thing that most of us take for granted!” one social media user exclaimed.

“Thank you for encouraging us when we needed it the most!” said another.

Fans of the Duchess were impressed by Camilla’s adaptation to her new role and the book selections as The Reading Room progressed through each season.

“Thank you, Your Royal Highness, for establishing such a wonderful book club! One fan added, “It’s such a beautiful way to connect throughout the world at any time, but especially now.”

“What a beautiful project, and I am so delighted to see Duchess Camilla really shining,” one Instagram user wrote. “Continue!”

Camilla’s role as a proud advocate for reading has been cemented by her position.

The Duchess has seven literary patronages, and this lockdown endeavor has further fueled her desire to encourage more people to read.

For two weeks, each book title is explored on The Reading Room’s Instagram account, with exclusive insights from the author and the chance to join in a discussion with other readers.

“Isn’t she wonderful?” remarked a Royal onlooker. What a wonderful woman!

“I’ve really enjoyed the novels suggested here, and I’m looking forward to reading more!”

“So enjoy The Reading Room and The Duchess.” Brinkwire Summary News, said another enthusiast of The Reading Room.


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