Is your partner guilty of micro-cheating, the latest dating trend you should be aware of?


Is your partner guilty of micro-cheating, the latest dating trend you should be aware of?

We’ve all heard of cheating (and dislike it), but do you know what micro-cheating is?

This is a new trend that has been revolutionized by social media, according to dating and relationship specialists.

What do you know about it? It’s a lot more common than you might believe.

Micro-cheating refers to behaviors that men and women engage in while in a relationship that could be considered flirting but aren’t serious enough to be labeled full-fledged infidelity.

The behaviors that could be deemed micro-cheating range from pair to couple – after all, we all have our own set of boundaries, right?

While one individual may view a flirting comment in a bar to be entirely innocuous, another may find it to be offensive.

So, how does micro-cheating appear in practice?

Your spouse may engage in flirtatious conversations with someone they’re sexually attracted to, often without saying they’re in a relationship.

Wearing enticing apparel when they know the other person they’re attracted to is going to be nearby, downplaying their relationship status, or sending covert direct messages on social media are all examples of micro-cheater behavior.

“It’s like dipping your toes in the water of infidelity without risk,” relationship consultant Alex Mellor-Brook told Tyla.

The difference between conversing on social media with a platonic friend and micro-cheating is concealment.

People may hide communication with another person and even spend more time with a new person than with the person with whom they are in a relationship.

“Being able to readily contact with others on social media has made micro-cheating more feasible, and because applications now have the technology to expire messages and photographs, they can help to wipe away any trail of duplicity,” Alex said.”

Micro-cheating is a type of cheating that both men and women can do.

Hayley Quinn, a Match dating expert, told Tyla: “It’s all about getting attention and affirmation from someone other than your spouse at its core.

“It may also make people feel less reliant on their relationship because all of their emotional eggs aren’t in one basket.”

It appears that social networking apps, particularly WhatsApp and Snapchat, have changed the way people micro-cheat, with the lines of adultery becoming much more hazy.

Because Snapchat allows users to delete or even disappear their photos and chats, it is evident that flirting can now take place online and then be hidden.

Micro-cheating has become considerably more widespread as a result.

Is micro-cheating, on the other hand, always a bad thing?


While these kind of activities may cause considerable distress to certain people,… Brinkwire Brief News.


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