Is Your iPhone 13’s Screen Frozen? Here’s How to Fix It Right Away!


Is Your iPhone 13’s Screen Frozen? Here’s How to Fix It Right Away!

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The problem of a frozen iPhone screen is very common among iPhone users.

It could be a software or hardware issue, or any other flaw.

With the help of Dr.Fone, the article will explain how to fix a frozen iPhone screen.

The iPhone’s appealing features and frequent updates entice the majority of people to purchase it.

The iOS 15 updates are extremely user-friendly.

The notification process has been re-evaluated, and a notification summary design has been created.

There’s a feature called Live Text that detects text in photos.

When it comes to the iPhone 13, the device comes with a ceramic shield with a durable flat-edge design and a super Retina XDR display.

It’s also water-resistant.

However, if your iPhone’s screen is frozen, it can be a stressful situation.

The following topics will be discussed in this article to assist you:

Part 1: What Caused the Frozen Screen on the iPhone 13?

You can learn a lot of ways to fix an iPhone screen that is frozen and unresponsive.

Before unfreezing an iPhone 13, you should be aware of a number of serious causes.

Storage Capacity is Limited

Low storage capacity can be a concerning situation when it comes to providing support for the device’s proper operation.

Even if your iPhone has a few GBs of free storage space, the freezing screen problem will most likely occur.

Software that has become obsolete

It’s possible that Apple has already fixed a software update issue.

Your iPhone screen can become frozen as a result of a failed or postponed software update.

You must ensure that no stability fixes are skipped in this situation.

Apps that are infected

Before an app is released on the App Store, it is reviewed by Apple.

A review process alone may not be sufficient to detect a bug hidden in the source code.

If an app is slow to respond, update it or reinstall it.

a low battery charge

Another cause could be your iPhone 13’s low battery.

If your device is stuck on a blank screen, you should charge the battery.

Your iPhone 13’s screen could be blank for up to 10 minutes before showing the low battery image.

After experiencing a low battery, one should immediately recharge his device.

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