Is Turkey still on the sanctions list? Those hoping for a move on the amber list are disappointed.


Is Turkey still on the sanctions list? Those hoping for a move on the amber list are disappointed.

The government has updated the red, amber, and green travel lists, allowing visitors to visit a number of nations this summer. Is Turkey still on the sanctions list?

Turkey is one of the most noticeable outliers to the green and amber lists, with tourists perplexed as to why going there is still prohibited. Angry British citizens took to Twitter to express their displeasure at Turkey’s continued inclusion on the blacklist.

“Please tell me Turkey will turn amber?!,” one user wrote. It’s inexcusable that they’re being kept on it when they’ve done everything properly this time.”

“Please please put Turkey on the amber list!” wrote another, pleading with Transportation Secretary Grant Schapps.

“Many people are desperate to see their family and friends, and I intend to study there for a year as part of my exchange program; cases are rare presently, and vaccination rates are increasing.”

In recent years, Turkey has risen to become one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations.

Travel to and from the nation was placed on the red list in May, which means that anyone who does so will be required to quarantine in a specified hotel for ten days when they return to the UK.

The quarantine period cannot be completed at home or in any other location, and it will cost you more than £1,000 to complete.

However, visitors expected Turkey to be put to the amber list in the most recent modifications to the travel lists, but this did not happen.

From July 19, British citizens who have been twice vaccinated will be permitted to travel to countries on the amber list without having to quarantine at home or in a hotel upon their return, as long as they test negative.

“The UK has achieved numerous hard-won victories via our successful immunization program, with the sustained enthusiasm and tenacity of the British people,” Transport Secretary Grant Schapps told MPs.

“The next phase in this careful reopening of overseas travel will take place on July 19th.

“Thanks to this Government’s incredible success with the vaccine program, people in England will be able to travel more easily, see relatives and friends they haven’t seen in a long time, and get business back up and running, reviving our economy while keeping the UK safe and supporting a wide range of jobs and industries.”

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