Is This Classic Film Finally Coming to Disney(plus)?


Is This Classic Film Finally Coming to Disney(plus)?

Disney(plus) may be adding one of the studio’s most beloved vintage animated films, Disney’s American Legends, to its library soon.

Although the transfer has not yet been confirmed, a report from Deja View Stream compiled all of the evidence thus far. Fans of the classic film may be in for a treat in the near future.

Disney’s American Legends is a compilation of four animated short films created across various decades by Disney. Johnny Appleseed (1948), The Brave Engineer (1950), Paul Bunyan (1958), and John Henry are among the films included (2000). According to Deja View, Disney only offers short films like these on Disney(plus) as part of a package sale, rather than as individual titles. That means the entire American Legends collection would have to be streamed at the same time.

Despite this, Disney(plus) has a section for animated shorts that can be perused separately from their longer home video releases, and fans have remarked that John Henry did not cross over from Netflix like many other similar titles. This has led to speculation that the whole American Legends collection will be available for streaming soon. Finally, they point out that this is arguably the best approach for Disney to release the collection because it connects the earlier films with the current ones and places them all under James Earl Jones’ narration.

The Legend of Johnny Appleseed, which was developed by Walt Disney himself and premiered in 1948, is the earliest film in this collection. After it, in 1950, came The Brave Engineer, a film about railroad engineer Casey Jones, and in 1958, a short film about folklore hero Paul Bunyan. Both of these films were created by Disney, although the entrepreneur died before the debut of John Henry in 2000.

Disney never adds “alone” shorts if they are also available as part of a package film, as far as we can tell. People noted that “John Henry” was withdrawn from countries that streamed it earlier this year. It’s included in the ‘American Legends’ bundle.

The film is frequently praised for its sentimental value, as it draws on American mythology in the same way that other Disney films do with fairytales from throughout the world. The addition of Jones as a narrator was also well-received, although the film has not gotten any easier to understand since its 2015 DVD release… Summary of Entertainment News from Brinkwire.


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